søndag den 4. januar 2009

IT Revolution in Architecture

I have just completed the reading of the entire book. I find find it both inspiring and highly relevant to my own research topic.

Especially the chapters on Time and Space is extremely intriguing and for me to see crucial in order to enter the discussion of the technologies in the new paradigme of architecture.

I will not be able to attend the next virtual skype meeting, but will try to find a stand-in.

3 kommentarer:

lorena sagde ...

I also think that the chapter on time and on space are very interessanti. Parametric architecture seems to impose itself in this time.In this type of architecture is very interesting that the representation is completely entrusted to the instrument of pc. This seems to be development of a "diagram" by eisenmann in a radical vision and entrusted entirely to pc.Inoltre this type of architecture that arises from it creates forms that seems very independent from feature. La form is an urban landscape .. and the feature is a passage of an entire gesto. I like this.

Anders Hermund sagde ...

OK good to hear that you like these chapters on time and space too. We should work together in the course maybe, what do you think?

lorena sagde ...

I think it's possible! So I look in your blog all that you write and I study this ..to collaborate actively in your research.. Bye